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About Us

Who are we?
We are "The Renz's"! If you know the name? You know, that our family has a long history of dedicated hard working, GOD fearing men and women who take pride in being efficient & detail oriented. My Gorgeous wife Kelly and I leaped into love at the young age of 18. We married in 1999 and the lord immediately blessed us with our 1st son Alec in 2000. He is an extremely hard working and talented young man. In, 2006 we where blessed yet again with our 2nd son Aiden. He is the most moral & caring person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.


My name is Dustin Renz. I personally hand finish every job done by our company. I was always told "If your not willing to sign your name on a job, It's not done yet"! So, rest assured It is personally my goal to make your curb appealing & sturdy. I was a Construction Manager for a local concrete & asphalt company for 13 years. Not only did I learn how to mentor and complete quality jobs efficiently, I also learned how to troubleshoot countless situations. Every job has its individual situations that can adversely affect your finished product. Know that with my experience, your curb will be of the highest quality, while remaining beautiful through effiency.

Licensed & Insured

!Yes we are! so feel safe to know that whatever happens while we are on the job. "Your covered, Because we're covered"

Actual work done by CURB-IT


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